Offer £275

Usually £350

Full head package includes…

• The price of the hair

• Application

• Skin test (if needed)

• Your hair Shampooed and cleansed before the hair extensions applied

• Hair cut to suit you

• Balmain hair brush (worth £10.99)

• X-10 hair extension shampoo conditioner shine spray and leave in treatment aftercare pack (worth £25.20)

• One after care appointment to include shampooing your hair and the extensions and any hair extensions that have fallen out to be replaced.

• Removal of the hair extensions. Hair shampooed and treatment applied to natural hair. Hair blowdried.


Suitable for these clients…

• Clients that would love to add thickness, volume and length to their hair.

• Clients that are looking for a natural look.

• Clients that want to add flashes of colour


NOT suitable for these clients….

• Clients with fragile or overly sparse hair

• Clients with hair that’s shorter than 4 inches

• Clients who are recovering from illness that has meant previous hair loss, as new hair can be fragile.

• Clients who are pregnant, as during this time the hair cycle stops the growth of new hair and so the hair within the rings can become matted and tangled

• Clients who have an allergy to metal as the inner of the ring is metal based. We recommend a skin test to be conducted before proceeding with putting the extensions in.

• Clients who do not have a lot of time to maintain their hair

• No one under the age of 18 years of age

• People with sensitive scalps

Frequently asked questions

  1. How long will my Micro Loop hair extensions last?
    This is largely dependent on the aftercare- We recommend a maximum of 4-9 weeks with 2 weekly salon visits to make sure the hair extensions are maintained.
  2. Is the hair reusable?
    No, we do not recommend re-using the hair as the pre attached micro links will have deteriated in condition through use and the extension would have been cut in to meet the current style of the natural hair. However… if you the client does wish to have them re positioned up the hair we can do this to prolong the life of a full head.
  3. Can I remove my own extensions?
    NO, you should always visit a trained hair extension technician to have them removed correctly.
  4. Does having Micro Loop hair extensions damage my hair?
    NO, if they are applied, maintained and removed by a trained professional, and you follow the aftercare advise detailed no damage to your natural hair will be caused.
  5. Can I tie my hair up?
    YES- we would always advise you wear it lose and low in a soft hair bobble, never when wet only when the hair is fully dried.


These should help keep the extensions in good quality for as long as possible

• Brush your hair extensions on a regular basis to ensure they do not matt, using the hair extension brush. Support the hair at the root to ensure you do not pull the extensions out.

• Wash your hair using tepid water only.

• Ensure you thoroughly rinse all traces of shampoo and conditioner after washing your hair.

• Invest in a good extension brush and an extension detangling comb.


• Be if you do go swimming, though not recommended, do keep extensions tied up and out of the water (both pool and sea). Extension

• Tie your extensions back at night, preferably a loose plait or pony tails to minimise any tangles in the morning.

• Regularly separate your bonds with your fingers to discourage tangling.

• Ensure you have regular maintenance checks with your stylist.

• Wash hair extensions once a week. When washing the extensions, keep head upright with water running downwards. Use stroking movements not rubbing.

• When washing the root area, tie up the extensions in a low pony tail, tip the rest of your hair forward and wash hair.

• Use high quality/recommended shampoo and conditioners.


These should be avoided as they can damage the extensions, make them loose or even detach them

• Do not brush your extensions from the root, support the roots and brush gently with appropriate brush.

• Don’t wash hair for at least 48 hours after having them put in, so that they have time to relax and set.

• Never use shampoos that contain silicone or silicone derivatives as they break down the bonds and can cause them to slip.

• Never directly apply conditioner or styling products to the rings, as it can cause  build up and slipping.

• Do not submerge head in a pool or the sea as the chemicals will dry out and damage the extensions and your natural hair.

• Do not chemically straighten or perm your extensions.

• Do not twist, wring or rub hair when it’s wet, always squeeze out the excess water after washing.

• Do not harshly brush hair, as this can loosen the bonds.

• Do not pick at the bonding rings.

• Do not wash the extensions more than once a week. Dry shampoo can be used as an alternative for areas that cannot be washed.

• Do not back brush the hair extensions as this will cause matting.